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Many times, learning about the successes and/or difficulties other have overcome, not only helps us in our own path, but also inspires us. This free newsletter gives insights about inventors who haven't necessarily arrived yet where they want to be, but are still on the path. Click here to read the article.


Issue 001 - 7-Year-Old Survivor and Inventor

Business of InventingTM

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OOOPS! Looks Like I Have a "Co-Inventor"!
Did you know that someone who works with you on the product development/design of your invention can automatically become your co-inventor? Is there a way that you can protect yourself against finding out that you have an unexpected surprise co-inventor? Click here to read the article in reply to this question.

B-12 For The Brain

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The most frequently asked question I receive is, "Do You Have a List of Legitimate Companies?". Click here to read the article in reply to this question.

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